Monitor your servers with Semonto

Semonto continuously checks your website and lets you know when it goes down so that you can react immediately.


Warnings by email, SMS or Push

When your server goes down, you would like to know right away. Semonto will send you an email, text message or an Apple Push Notification when that happens, so you can react immediately.

Software as a Service

Relax. No software is required to be installed on your server. Software as a Service means that Semonto handles all of this for you. Nothing needs to run in the background and nothing will slow down your server.

Test Servers Around the World

Semonto has multiple test servers around the globe. That way you can choose which test server needs to check your host. This reduce latencies and eliminate false positives due network glitches.

Infinity possibilities

Want to test your webapp? Want to monitor your database-server or general load/memory usage?
Custom tests? Monitor a private server behind a firewall without webserver? Multiple port tests of your public servers? All is possible